Evaluate the situation, acquire other driver’s details (driver’s license, phone number, address if possible), and report it to the POLICE as soon as possible if somebody is harmed. Get your POLICE reference number after reporting the incident. 

Case A – If the other party is at fault, ask them to give their insurance details and lodge a claim with your insurance company (we can help you with that.) And Give them our details (repairer – Autoguru NZ, Ph – 09 391 7531 , email – autogurunz@gmail.com).

Case B – If you are at the fault, ring your insurance company or insurance broker in order to lodge claim. Give them our details (repairer – Autoguru NZ, Ph – 09 391 7531 , email – autogurunz@gmail.com).

Insurance company will suggest or may force you to go to their own repairer, but as a customer you have a first right to choose repairer as per your choice. You can either choose us or other if you want. 

For assessment you have to bring your vehicle to Autoguru NZ (we may do onsite assessment for your vehicle), we will assess the damage and then we will click photographs of your damaged vehicle for insurance. After assessment we will give you a free quote for the repair. After that we will send this estimate to your insurance company with photographs that we had taken for the assessment. The assessor may wish to see your vehicle and then assessor will give us approval for the further repairs.

After getting approval from your insurance company, we will arrange any parts required. At the point when parts are in our hand, we will reach you and book your vehicle for the repair.

While we are contacting you we will give you an estimated time for the completion of repairs. Moreover, we will provide/arrange a free loan car for your use.

At Autoguru NZ, we will more than happy to give you a free quote for the additional private work which can be finished simultaneously.

When your car’s repaired are completed, we will give it a quick wash and its ready for you to pick up or you can request a drop off.